Cost: .60 Cr

Work: Structural Repair & Restoration Work.

Work Duration: 2017-19

Project Done By :Archiac Conservation Cell India Pvt Ltd


Our company , Archaic Conservation Cell India Pvt ltd, ISO 9001:2008 Certify Company. Our comapny done below work due to the Restoration & Structural Repair work of Mayureshwar Ganpati, Morgaon, Dist-Pune, Comprehensive Exterior repairs , restoration venture which included Restoration of Temple. The guiding approach throughout the restoration process was to retain all the parts of the building which were in good condition andspecify materials as close as possible tothe original for the damaged ones One of the most popular ashtavinayakas (8 Ganeshas) of Maharashtra, Shri Mayureshwar Mandir is the foremost center of worship for the members of
Ganaptya sect because of it having a strong association with the Morya Gosavi. According to the Hindu mythological records, the temple was the place where Sindhu was killed by Lord Ganesha. Devotees of the temple firmly believes that the ashtavinayaka pilgrimage circuit is incomplete without avisit to Morgaon.


The temple is surrounded by a tall stone boundary wall with minarets at each of the four corners, suggesting a Muslim influence on the architecture. The temple has four gates, each facing a cardinal direction and with an image of Ganesha, each gate depicting him in the form that he appeared in each of the four ages (yugas). Each of the four Ganesha forms is associated with a Puruṣārtha (aim of life) and accompanied by two attendants.


The main entrance of the temple faces north. The quadrangular courtyard has two Deepmalas – lamp towers with niches to light lamps. A sculpted 6 foot mouse – the vahana (mount) of Ganesha sits in front of the temple.A Nagara-khana – which stores Nagaras (kettle drums) – is situated nearby. A huge Nandi bull sculpture is positioned facing the Lord, just outside the temple gates. This is considered unusual as a Nandi is normally positioned in front of the sanctum sanctorum in Shiva temples. A legend explains this oddity: the Nandi sculpture being transported from nearby Shiva temple, decided to settle in front of Ganesha and then refused to move.Both the mouse and Nandi are considered guardians of the entrance.

FEATURES OF THE TEMPLE: Another unique aspect of the temple is its architecture, which has a strong influence on Islamic style. There are four gates to enter the temple, each adorned with the image of Ganesha. Right in front of the temple, there is a six feet sculpture of mouse. Also, there is an assembly hall (sabha-mandapa), which features the idol of Vishnuand Lakshmi. The main hall leads to the central hall, the place where one can find the garbhagriha (sanctum). In the main sanctum,there is sitting Ganesha idol with trunk towards the left. The image of Ganesha in the sanctum has four hands carrying ‘pasha’ and ‘ankush’ in two hands. One hand rests on his kneeand the other carries a ‘modak’.Stone boundaries are anunique feature of the Morgaon Ganpati temple.

Work Details:

1.Structural Repair & Restoration Work.

2.Roofing Work.

3.Lime Plaster & Brick masorny Work.

4.Shellac Polishing work.

5. Stone masorny & Cleaning work

6. Wooden work.

7. Pointing Work.