Work: Phase-1 Structural Repair & Restoration Work.

Work Duration: 2014 (Phase I)

Project Done Company:Archaic Conservation Cell India Pvt Ltd

Jambughoda was a princely state that was established around 600 years ago in the late 14th century.Enveloped in a dense cover of green, the Jambughoda Palace – A Home for Nature Lovers, lies nestled within the forests of a wildlife sanctuary, deep within the verdant district of Panchmahal in Gujarat, the westernmost state of India.

History of Jambughoda

The Jambughoda state was founded by the Parmars who were Rajputs that hailed from Mandu, Dhar in the Malwa region of central India. They were the descendants of Raja Bhoj, a famous king who ruled Malwa in the 11th century.

An overview of the premises

The present premises of the Jambughoda estate occupies 12 acres of land with fields and orchards ensconcing the palace. The palace is a large building whose simple exterior holds within it the grandeur of the past.