Project : Jumma Masjid (Jama Masjid ), Crowford Market, Mumbai.

Cost: .45 Cr.

Work: Repairs and Restoration works of the Ancillary structures

Work Duration: 2017-18

Project Done Company:Archaic Conservation Cell India Pvt Ltd

Work Details:

1.Structural Repair & Restoration Work.

2.Roofing Work

3.Lime Plaster & Pointing.


Type : Mosque

Date Established : 1802

The Jama Mosque is a quadrangular structure of brick and stone, encircled by a ring of terrace roofed and double storeyed buildings, the ground floors of which are let out as shops. The chief or eastern gate of the mosque leads directly across an open courtyard to the ancient tank, which is now furnished with masonry steps and embankments, built in 1893, and contain about ten feet of water fed by springs at the bottom, that contains gold and silver fish and few turtles. This is used for ritual ablutions (wudu), however modern facilities are also available for this purpose.